Shipping Information 

***UPDATED 6/17/2020***

Orders May 6th onward until sell out are for June crates (Ancient Greece) and will ship June 28th-30th.

Orders June 1st (after renewal onward) is for July crates (Summer Songs) and will ship July 28th-31st.

Orders placed after June 15th is for August crates (Starsong) and will ship August 28th-31st.


We ship between the 28th and the end of the month.  Normally, our cutoff date for orders shipped at the end of the month is two weeks before the end of the month.  This may change month-to-month based on when boxes sell out.  


An order placed on August 16th will ship August 28th-31st

Orders placed between August 17th and September 16th will ship September 28th-30th

An order placed on September 17th will ship October 28th-31st

Covid-19 updates.  Our shipping window has been pushed back 1 week to allow extra time for items to clear customs. You can expect March crate to ship first week of April, April crate to ship first week of May, the May crate to ship the first week of June, and June crate to ship first week of July.

This also applies to our Harry Potter year 1 and 2 crates.  Year 1 will ship first week of June.  Year 2 will ship first week of  August.  Year 3 has not yet been released for sale.

This will continue until the postal service goes back to normal. We ship all crates priority mail which is usually 2-3 day delivery once accepted.  The postal service has now sent out alerts that priority will now be 2-4 days delivery (we’ve seen it take 5 days).  We expect this to continue until we go back to our new normalcy in the postal service. 

Thank you for your support of small business and stay magical!